Color Spree

Color Spree
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love art supplies!

Some of my colored pencils sets laid out together.

Like many professional and leisure painters, nothing cheers me so much as a new color or a new surface. I've had spending money on a regular monthly basis since 2005 and most of it has flowed toward Dick Blick, with occasional raids on ASW and Dakota Pastels.

I purchase my supplies online. With short term sale coupons, Clearance items and out of season holiday gift packages, on average most of my expensive goodies cost about half retail. Sometimes they're a lot lower! So thrift and frugality in getting and using art supplies will also be a theme in this blog.

I've never met a drawing or painting medium I didn't like. My main website, is specifically about Oil Pastels. You'll find many reviews of different brands, surfaces and tools there for Oil Pastelists.

This blog is about everything else! I'll include some oil pastels too now and then, just to keep it complete, but you'll find much more information and demonstrations on the site. Most of my reviews here will be on pastels and colored pencils, with occasional posts on paint, mediums and primers. I'll also review surfaces, tools, accessories, storage options and furniture like easels or tables.

If you have something you're curious about, let me know. I might have it or be able to get samples to test and write it up. If there's something you love or hate, please comment and let me know why!


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